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Marketing tools continue to advance to new possibilities for restoration and construction companies but only one major problem still remains – there’s nobody able to take on the full campaign and see it from beginning to end…

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A major bottleneck that restoration and construction companies have when they execute marketing and branding campaigns is the fact that the person put in-charge is often responsible for many “roles” and wearing many “hats” within the company. As a result, companies will do the same campaign because they “felt” it went well or keep repeating a campaign because they don’t actually know if it was successful – when it wasn’t.

Let us help you.

Website Design & Maintenance

Does your Restoration or Construction company need a new website or are you looking to update your existing website? Three65 Marketing offers competitive WordPress 10 page or 20 page website packages, complete with built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the ability to change and edit website pages whenever you want, and all websites are mobile responsive. Most of all, our web designers are easy to work with and have great website turn-around times.

Just need a little updating and maintenance to your current website? Great! We’d love to help you — send us whatever you are looking to have freshened up and we’ll take care of uploading it for you.

Blogging & Content Writing Services

A BLOG!! Are you thinking “yeah, when am I going to have time to do THAT?” — We get it.

Even though the benefits of a blog are SO EXTREMELY important to your website pages and how they can:

  • Cause you to rank near or at the top of the first page of search engine results
  • You can use them for social media posts
  • Be used for email newsletters, magazine articles and publications
  • And are packed full of keywords and SEO search phrases for people to find you…


Branding & Content Marketing Strategy

  • Interview Process: What makes your company unique?
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats (SWOT Analysis)
  • Analyzing existing marketing materials and programs (including online, radio, TV, and print)

Campaign Development, Execution, & Reporting

Branding Campaigns, Service or Product Campaigns, Hashtag Campaigns

  • Outline of deadlines and events
  • Budget
  • Ad creation & Graphic design
  • Article and/or Blog writing
  • Video production (both professional and amateur)
  • Scheduling & Posting
  • Reporting

Marketing Account Cleanup & Maintenance

  • Analyzing each of your current marketing efforts (TV, radio, magazine, website, social media accounts, online membership accounts, back-links) to update and clean-up old irrelevant content, ads, messages, etc. to align with the branding and content strategy.
  • SEO and Optimizing research and updating
  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring of marketing accounts


And of course, we will adjust as new apps, platforms, rules, and whatever other new fan-dangled thingy comes out!